Digital Signage Display Market Forecasted To Grow By 18% Annually

September 7, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The digital signage display market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.2% over the next four years, with the biggest growth coming in displays that are 65-inches or larger.

The forecast comes from research firm IHS Markit, one of a small handful of companies that actually invests real time, people and money studying this market. There are press releases almost daily spewing out market forecasts for this sector, but most of them are from research factories in India that spew out 1,000s of reports on any sector they think can generate rupees. Ignore those and stick with the kind of subject-matter expert work companies like IHS and Futuresource generate.

IHS says in a news release this week that the global public display market, which includes public-display monitors and public-display TVs used in digital signage and professional applications, can be expected to grow from $6 billion in 2016 to $13.7 billion by 2021 in revenues, and from 3.1 million units to 5.1 million units in shipments during the same period.

“In the long term, public display revenue growth will be fueled by high demand for larger-sized displays, particularly in the education and corporate space,” says Sanju Khatri, director, digital signage and professional video at IHS Markit.

The research suggests by 2019, more than half of the revenue of public display market will come out of larger screens. “Displays sized 65 inches are the most popular category, and those between 80 inches to 89 inches are showing fastest revenue growth in the education and corporate collaboration verticals,” Khatri says.


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