Panasonic Spin-Off Starts Demo’ing 8K Digital Signage

June 7, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The practical use-cases for 8K digital signage aren’t readily apparent, but a Japanese tech company owned in part by Panasonic is demonstrating just that – suggesting the demand for that is tied to the 2020 Olympics on Tokyo.

Nikkei Asian Review reports:

Adopting a special semiconductor chip efficient at compressing and transmitting image data, the company, named PDC, has developed the product on expectations that demand for such signage will grow amid a record-setting increase in the number of tourists to Japan from abroad and preparations for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The chip was developed by Socionext, which is affiliated with Fujitsu

The new system compresses 8K data for transmission via the internet and then displays it on a monitor. The mechanism streamlines the process of restoring compressed data to its original form.

While terrestrial digital television uses images of full high definition, or 2K, resolution, those of 8K resolution are 16 times sharper and can be clearly seen even on a huge screen.

PDC plans to launch the product later this year with a price tag of about 1.5 million yen ($13,694) and anticipates orders from large commercial facilities as well as other users. The price does not include the display mechanism of the system, which will be sold separately. 

The tabletop version, equipped with a built-in touch panel, debuted on Wednesday. It is expected to be used by customers at restaurants to order meals from electronic menus and for playing games. A model for a table that accommodates four people is priced at about 2.1 million yen.

4K files … other than this stuff … are still pretty hard to find for digital signage, so imagine how rare sightings are for 8K away from a trade show stand.


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