DSE Announces Apex Digital Signage Project Awards Finalists

January 27, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Livsreise (Life’s Journey) - Zebradog

Livsreise (Life’s Journey) – Zebradog

Digital Signage Expo has released its finalists for DSE 2016 APEX Awards, which highlight great project work from the previous year. It looks like a good bunch, and the numbers of entries was reasonably high (I don’t know why more companies don’t “get” the marketing value of awards). Only nine entries for food and bev is stoooopid, given the number of companies that focused and invoice on QSR and fast casual.

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (16 entries)

Business & Government Services (18 entries)

Saint Xavier University

Saint Xavier University

Education & Healthcare (10 entries)

Event Venues & Hospitality (19 entries)

Food & Beverage (9 entries)

Immersive Environments (19 entries)

Public Spaces (25 entries)

Retail (23 entries)


Transportation (16 entries)

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