Scala Boosts Speed, Performance In New Release

August 12, 2015 by Dave Haynes

scalalogoScala has issued a major version release of its  Scala Enterprise digital signage platform, saying Release 11 adds a pile of speed and performance enhancements.

In all, the company based outside Philadelphia says the new release has 25 new features and 265 enhancements.

Nerd alert: the rest of this from the release will make all but propeller-heads go cross-eyed or burst in flames …


Highlights include:

Speed and performance: With a major refactoring of the core software engines of Content Manager, significant gains both in UI responsiveness and through the APIs can be expected. Content Manager now responds exclusively to the REST-based 2.0 API calls, and developers can request Web Application Description Language (WADL) for all services of the APIs.

Ease of use and noise reduction: New controls reduce noise without compromising complete network control, and more stringent workgroup rules have added filters, mitigating the risk of asset misplacement. Pop-up alerts, extended error reporting and additional hyperlinks give at-a-glance views of content usage and conditional playback, and search functionality has improved. The end result is smarter and quicker content adjustment.

Creative and functional enhancements: Major design elements boost aesthetics as well as increase functionality. Most notably, Scala Enterprise Designer has a new table element format, an easier layout for viewing and organizing data. Due to creative designers’ positive responses to more aesthetic power found in Release 10 and the ever-increasing need for eye-catching, clear messaging, designers are gaining even more creative control – corner styles, opacity gradients and alpha masks can now be applied to all major element types and page backgrounds. The Scala Script Exporter now supports 64-bit versions of Adobe Photoshop allowing page layouts to be developed in Photoshop and exported, including layer information, to be enhanced within Designer. Interactive scripts that combine Scala Script and HTML content (Webclips) are more flexible with enhanced data sharing and an added capability to overlay Scala Script buttons on top of Webclips. An update to the Chromium Embedded Framework enables CSS 3D animation support for HTML5-based content.

Increased intelligence and control for network managers: Network managers can now optimize their bandwidth usage for Android playback devices with the extension of bandwidth-throttling for controlled data distribution. They will also have greater insight into playback activity with audit logs updated hourly, and playback logs that can accept errors reported from any integrated third-party applications.

Additional notables in this release include compatibility with Windows 8.1 for playback devices and Windows Server 2012 R2 and Internet Explorer 11 browser support for using Content Manager. Firmware for many Android devices can now be remotely updated via maintenance jobs. Lastly, certification is announced for the NEC Display OPS-DRD digital player, a powerful Android device for 24/7 playback.

“Scala Enterprise 11 addresses trends in audience engagement where scale and productivity are key,” said Scala CEO Tom Nix. “Our enhanced REST-based APIs continue to allow our Enterprise customers to connect to adjacent solutions and enable our partners to create new businesses, with almost unlimited creativity and flexibility to develop powerful experiences for their target audiences.“


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