YCD Beefs Up HTML5 Support On C-nario Suite

June 23, 2015 by Dave Haynes

newYCDlogoI don’t tend to write about minor version releases for software, as only existing clients and almost-there prospects really care. But news from the Israeli firm YCD Multimedia caught my eye.

Version 3.7.1 of its C-nario Digital Signage Suite (you may remember YCD bought C-nario) adds some important features for supporting HTML5 content – which is growing increasing important and prevalent in this business.

The newest release has:

1.    Device control API – allowing HTML5 content to communicate with content and elements (“devices”) in the C-nario system, opening up opportunities for localization of content, data links to / from connected devices, multi-player gaming, high resolution interactives and more.

2.    HTML5 Failover & Recovery provides graceful handling of errors or issues resulting from intermittent internet connections. During playback, if an error in a user-provided URL is detected the system will automatically “fail over” to backup URL or stored content. Once the monitored URL no longer returns an error, the system can automatically “recover” to the original URL.

Device control is a BIG, often under-appreciated must-have in signage, and the failover and recovery bit is essential for web-driven content on any substantial, scaled network. A big 404 error message on a screen doesn’t look so hot.

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