Projects: Beverly Hills Porsche Dealer Gets Social In Showroom

Beverly Hills Porsche

LA-based Enplug – which runs screens solutions built around social media – put together a program earlier this year for Beverly Hills Porsche, which was looking for a way to better engage with its customers on social media, from inside the showroom.

They’d been using print, and not surprisingly finding it wasn’t working so hot. So they put in a 55″ display running Enplug and rolling through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp interactions using the dealer handle and the hashtag #bevhillsporsche. They also blended in Porsche image/video ads that Beverly Hills Porsche uploaded via Enplug’s management software.

Profanity was controlled through automatic filtering, as well as a mobile app dealer staff could use for more control.

The result: The dealer saw 35% increase in customer posts on Twitter, 60% on Yelp and 982% on Instagram, based on 60 days worth of data collected after the display was fired up.

Here’s the video: (warning – the end sequence is kinda terrifying).

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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