Back At World HQ/Live Bait Shop

December 8, 2014 by Dave Haynes


About 23 hours after I got on the shuttle at a Seoul Hyatt for the start of ICN-YVR-YYZ, I fell in the door last night at home, 14 time zones ahead of where I started. After about nine hours of pillow time I am vertical again, and reasonably coherent.

Hopefully that’s it for 2014 travels, and posts here will resume a more typical pace.

Well worth the time and cost to see how I can grow and evolve Spotomate – the underlying tech and much of the creative  comes from Seoul-based Shakr Media. I also now have a far better understanding of how software CMS companies can integrate Spotomate as a tool and offer. Lots to talk about in the coming months.

I’m also now pretty good with chopsticks – wood and Korean steel!

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