Interactive Video Has Possibilities On Retail Floor

November 14, 2014 by Dave Haynes


In the ever-blurring lines of digital marketing and in-store digital marketing, I could see how the sort of click code shown here as an interactive video would work very nice on the right shop floor.

This is actress Anna Kendrick goofing around in an extended length promo video for designer Kate Spade. The slick thing here is that you can watch the video and highlight on he products she’s wearing while locked out of her apartment.

Click on products and they get bookmarked, and then click the icon on the bottom right to stop the video and look over those products. You can imagine how that could tie to a next step where it signals sales staff or even has them put that stuff out in the dressing room area, or you can order on the spot or add to a shopping list.

When you’re done, the spot just resumes.

Pretty cool.


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