Projects: Vaughan Mills Mall Plugs In Digital Lounge

October 24, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The giant Vaughan Mills shopping mall on the northern fringes of metro Toronto got bigger this week, with a store and footprint expansion that included a new digital lounge area put together by Cineplex Digital Solutions.

The lounge area is intended as a branded, experiential rest area with soft seating, Wi-Fi and a cluster of interactive screens.

“Our new and spectacular Digital Lounge provides shoppers with access to immersive content, relevant information and interactive amenities that enhance the shopping experience at Vaughan Mills,” says Stephen Gascoine, General Manager, Vaughan Mills, in a press release. “With features such as phone-charging  outlets, gaming stations, experience stations as well as a live feed of Vaughan Mills’ social media, we are proud to bring consumers  this first-of-its-kind, interactive Digital Lounge.”

This is a bit of a glimpse of what you’ll see more and more as shopping malls (I’ve consulted to a few, but not this group) switch from digital being a straight-up advertising play with digital posters to one that uses digital for experiential, brand activation work and elevating the overall exercise of going to a mall. For all the reasons covered endlessly about etailing and the struggles of malls, this is one way to make the places somewhere people will hang out. Like they used to, pre-Internet.


  1. Thanks for posting Dave…the lounge has photo capture, social sharing, gesture driven content, ambient and fine art content, many charging stations and a large touch driven gaming table, which displays high scores on a “live zone” screen which features news and the social feeds from the property itself.

    I urge folks in the GTA to visit the new lounge and see for themselves!

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