France’s Quividi Opens North America HQ In Sunnyvale

July 10, 2014 by Dave Haynes


I was just talking with someone today about the struggles Asian and European companies can have trying to market in North America without actually having an office or people there.

With Intel out of the game, Quividi is without question the big boy in the video analytics-audience measurement part of digital signage. They are based in France, but the company has now opened a North American HQ in Silicon Valley and brought on a couple of people to drive sales.

One is a regional manager on the East Coast and the other is Mitchell Wade, who is now VP Sales North America, having left the endlessly embattled Wireless Ronin a few weeks ago. I can’t imagine the fun involved in selling a product when the first question informed buyers were going to ask was about financials and the ability to keep the lights on.

Wade is based in gorgeous San Diego, poor fella.



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