Projects: Digital Ceiling In Oakley’s New NYC Flagship

May 5, 2014 by Dave Haynes

Oakley Store, NYC – Demo from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

The sports performance company Oakley opened a new flagship store on 5th Avenue in NYC last week, and made heavy, but very different use of digital signage displays.

The company hired Montreal’s Moment Factory to create “living, breathing installation, embodying the renegade spirit of Oakley’s design ethos.”

Says the company on the project’s Vimeo page:

The concept had to successfully fit within the existing architectural design, while also expressing the brand’s strong connection to technological innovation. Retail operations were also a key consideration in the design process: with a ceiling mounted installation, all valuable wall and floor space is available for sales and merchandising. The structure’s 27 LCD screens feature footage of Oakley’s performance athletes merged with a customized visual language that the studio developed for the project. This expansive structure shows Moment Factory’s commitment to creating immersive environments and digital platforms that engage customers.

Very, very nice. Normally, I get upset when screens are hanging from the ceiling out of the natural line of sight, but this is not a sprinkling of screens on sticks, but a visually dominant element of the store.

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