Hong Kong And Taipei-Bound: Who Should I Meet?

April 29, 2014 by Dave Haynes


When IAdea‘s John Wang sent me a note several weeks ago asking me to help put out a call for speakers for a digital signage conference in June in Taipei, I immediately thought I wouldn’t mind doing that. Turns out I am.

I put in a pitch, was chosen, and will be blabbering away at the Digital Signage Multimedia Association forum on June 6th, as part of the massive Computex trade show. Adrian Cotterill of DailyDOOH spoke at it last year, so clearly they’ll take anybody  ;-]

I’ve never been to Taiwan, and the only time I spent in Hong Kong was stumbling between connecting flights at its airport. It looked very cool from my Cathay Pacific window, though.

So here’s the thing: I am going to Hong Kong first, for three days, so I can get myself settled in that time zone and environment (when I first went to S. Africa last year I did a jet-lagged and disoriented presentation the next day and I don’t remember any of it). I’ll sight-see a little in Central and Kowloon, but I’m also interested in meeting with companies that might need a hand with what they are doing in digital signage.

Same thing applies in nearby Taipei. There will be approximately a gazillion software and PC companies at Computex, so I will definitely see a buncha stuff there, but apart from a visit baked in with IAdea, I’m interested in meeting some other companies.

I keep being told Preset should be doing consulting work in Asia. Maybe this is the start.

If you want to schedule something, send me a note …

photo credit: Andy*Enero via photopin cc

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