Gose Leaves RMG For Stratacache

goseOne of the higher profile senior guys in the digital signage sector has left RMG Networks, in the wake of the Symon-RMG deal, for a similar gig with Stratacache.

Chuck Gose is now VP of SME Corporate Communications at the Dayton, Ohio company, but presumably will continue living and working out of Indianapolis. Mr. Linked In tells me Gose was at Symon starting in Aug. 2012, after a buncha years with the now defunct MediaTile. As RMG and Symon were blended in the lead-up to the RMG IPO, Gose took the role as VP Solutions Marketing.

Not sure when this happened but Chuck’s Linked In profile has indeed changed, and he started tweeting this AM about his new gig.

2 thoughts on “Gose Leaves RMG For Stratacache”

  1. Thanks for the write-up Dave. I’m looking forward to being a member of the Stratacache team. But just a point of clarity, MediaTile is not defunct. They had a great presence at DSE and I was proud to see them doing well.

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