Germany’s Viewneo Crosses Pond With Android Digital Signage Platform


On one of my sprints up and down the aisles at DSE a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas (sigh … where it was warm), I slowed down and asked a guy at a booth called Viewneo what they did.

“Easy to use digital signage,” he said, with a German accent.

“And we use Android and we also run on Samsung’s Smart Signage.”

So I stopped and got a quick overview of Viewneo, which is an HTML5-driven digital signage platform developed by the Dusseldorf digital signage solutions firm Adversign Media.

The quick rundown I got was that the product has three elements:

viewneoA free app you can get off the Google Play Store that runs on Android devices that support version 4.2. The app runs video, motion graphics and HTML5 content off a playlist organized in the Viewneo cloud management system. The app loads automatically on boot up.

You can get a free account with some limits on data traffic and functionality, and ads will show up. 99 Euro annually gets you a pro version with no real limits.

The software supports the Samsung SoC, or smart signage, platform and these guys have demo’d with them in Europe. They didn’t at DSE, which was a North American partner thing.

They have an HDMI stick with a quad-core processor that will do 1080P video and HTML5 output. No price, but safe guess would be sub $200, or quite a bit less.

One of the interesting wrinkles with these guys is that they have 160 or so content feeds that they produce and can easily integrate into the offer.

You can learn more about them on the Viewneo and parent company website. They are very much a German company, but got the sense they are looking to crack the crowded NA market, as well.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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