Multi-Platform Media Program Drives 109M Tweets, Texts, Shares … In One Day

February 6, 2014 by Dave Haynes


This is pretty impressive in terms of the potential impact of multiple mediums on an awareness and fundraising campaign.

The Bell Let’s Talk program that ran last week in Canada – focused on mental health issues – generated 109,451,718 tweets, texts, calls and shares in one day. Repeat: one day.

The program included social media incorporated into a near real-time stream that ran on several Digital OOH networks in Canada – most notably the Pattison One Stop network on Toronto’s subway system platforms. The Digital OOH part used Monster Media‘s social media platform (Locamoda’s) and ran off three different CMS set-ups. Monster worked with creative agency LG2 on the look, and then filtered and moderated the real time tweets on Let’s Talk Day.

The program also ran on television, print, online and via many organizations.

Some of the big numbers:

The four-year-old program has raised $67 million through the Canadian telecoms and media giant Bell. The Tweet program saw Bell this year giving 5 cents for every Tweet with the program hash tag.

The program is built around the remarkable Clara Hughes, who has won a total of six medals at both the summer (cycling) and winter Olympics (speed skating) and has struggled in the past with depression.

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