Dynamax Adds Android Hardware-Software Solution

July 8, 2013 by Dave Haynes

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UK software firm Dynamax has joined the ranks of established software houses that have added Android solutions to their product offer.

Dynamax Technologies says its new Android-based digital signage solution is the company’s first hardware solution since the launch of its SaaS product digitalsignage.NET, in 2010. The company already had Windows solutions.

Android-based media playback device_Dynamax

The box is a 1.6 GHz Dual core ARM A9 Processor with a quad core MALI GPU, and has both Wi-Fi and LAN Internet connectivity. Dynamax says this solution supports the same video and image formats as the Windows and SMIL playback devices the software works with, and says the scheduling and management flexibility is also the same as on other products. In other words, this is not Dynamax Lite.

‘’This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective digital signage solution we have offered our clients so far, a hassle-free system that suits the needs of any user and further simplifies the set-up process,” says Howard Smith, Founding Director of Dynamax in a news release. “When developing our Android player, we have thought inside the box – a box defined by our customers’ requirements. Believing in the future of simple digital signage, the decision to invest in this technology was only natural for us.’’

The company says the cost of the Android product is “considerably lower making it an attractive plug-and-play solution easy to sell, install and use. The hardware solution will soon be available for purchase and the new version of digitalsignage.NET will also be sold separately through selected partners.”

The stable digital signage solution is ready to launch after a lengthy period of thorough testing, making it a future-proof choice for VAR’s and end-users alike. Forthcoming versions of the Android player will support layouts and a wider range of media playback formats. More information about Dynamax Technologies’ new Android bundle can be requested from the company’s website where all those interested can set up a free account of digitalsignage.NET. 


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