Android For Digital Signage: A Closer Look At NoviSign


Here’s the latest in the 30-plus series running on Android/ARM offers that now seem to be flooding into the digital signage space.

As chronicled, many software and hardware companies are addressing the marketplace demand for lower costs and simple solutions by launching media players and software based on low-cost ARM processors and the open source Android operating system.


NoviSign is an Israeli company founded in 2011, and they introduced an Android platform last year.

NoviSign Digital Signage is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that can, the company says, manage dynamic campaigns from the cloud to any IP-based sign anywhere in the world. From any PC, the user can broadcast the same or different targeted messages to any number of signs at an unlimited number of locations in real-time.

The company says it supports “several hundreds of screens spread around the globe, with dozens of active users from a large spectrum of industries, stores, and education institutions of various sizes.”

While some Android offers focus on very specific, tested boxes, NoviSign is going the open route: “With NoviSign, you can use any Android-based device as the player for your digital signage screen. NoviSign is an Android-based Digital Signage player, so you do not need a proprietary hardware player unit, which often costs between $300 and $900 USD; a Google Android TV box costs much, much less.”


“NoviSign suggests you take any off-the-shelf Google Android box, connect it to the TV, and start your digital signage campaign. With a link sent to the TV box, you can play a signage campaign sent from the NoviSign server with no need for any special player software.”

You get the app off the Google Play Store, and the SaaS service is $20/month per player.

NoviSign For Android

QuestionAnswer and Description
Company name?NoviSign
Where is company based?Israel
Android product name?Android Digital Signage Player
When released?2012
Product page online (link)
OS version?Android 4.0.3 or higher
Native player or browser-based player?Native
Highest video resolution fully supported?Pending on the hardware player capabilities
HTML5 support?No
Flash support?Yes (Pending on the hardware player capabilities)
Remote monitoring, diagnostic and recovery capabilities?Yes
Remote control capabilities, like RS-232 screen control?No
Remote upgrade capabilities?Yes
Browser pop-up controls?Yes
Video file support, ie .mp4, .wmv?MP4
Player side API, so you can work with sensors and other triggers?no
Multiple content zones?Yes
Support for live data feeds?Yes
dynamic NFC tag emulationNo
Advanced SchedulingYes
IP video streamingYes
Emergency MessagingNo
Describe the cost of the hardware and software, whether bundled or itemizedNoviSign offers digital signage software only in SaaS model charging 20 USD per player license per month
DescriptionsA complete digital signage software as a service solution that lets you create, manage and broadcast your campaign in real time.
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