Taiwan Digital Signage Forum Looking For Speaker

March 19, 2013 by Dave Haynes

computexlogoTaiwan’s Digital Signage Multimedia Association has its annual Digital Signage Forum on Friday, June 7th in Taipei,  and has a call out for a speaker who can do 30 minutes on where the industry os at and where it is going.

The DSMA will reimburse air and two nights hotel for whoever sticks up their hand and is selected. Entries should be submitted before midnight UTC this Friday, Mar 22, which is Thursday evening or something in N. America. Or last Wednesday. I dunno.

Your pitch should be directed to IAdea’s John Wang, the Section Chair of International Affairs and Standards for the DSMA. Email is John.Wang AT IAdea.com.

The event tends to get around  200 participants who represent digital signage systems integrators in Asia. It is the largest digital signage event during Computex, which is a monster IT show.



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