Projects: SoloHeath Wellness Stations Now In 3,000 US Retailers

March 11, 2013 by Dave Haynes


SoloHealth now has more than 2,000 free digital health and wellness stations out in retail locations across the United States, which the company says doubled the footprint withinb three months.

The company has announced it intends to be in more than 3,500 locations by end of year, which would make it one of the larger digital rollouts out there in retail. The stations are in selected locations of Walmart, Sam’s Club, Safeway, and Schnuck’s Markets.

“By end of March, we will be within a 10 minute drive time of 48% of the US population, which shows the scale and reach of the Station across the nation,” says SoloHealth Founder & CEO Bart Foster. “As we grow, we are exploring many new ways we can leverage our versatile platform to continue to help better our nation’s health and healthcare system, especially as the country prepares for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rollout.”

The SoloHealth Stations are being used by more than 2.5MM people a month and they have been running at 98% uptime. To date, more than 9 million consumers have interacted with the kiosk, up from 2.5 million in late August. Additionally, daily consumer usage has increased, going from 10,000 per day at the end of August to approximately 85,000 today.

SoloHealth Data & Consumer Engagement Stats: 

*Consumer “interaction” constitutes a consumer taking at least one test per session.

The SoloHealth Station is a healthcare access platform for consumers providing screenings for vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index, a symptom checker as well as an overall health assessment free of charge. The Station also connects consumers to local professionals through their databases, helping people enter the most appropriate and accurate point in the health care system. Additionally, the Station can serve as a valuable resource to provide health and wellness information and services, offering a convenient, user-friendly platform to make health information and data easy to access, inform, store and share.

The Station offers highly personalized, targeted and interactive opportunities for consumers, advertisers and retailers by placing kiosks in high-traffic retail locations and offering integration across a multi-platform ecosystem complete with digital signage, Internet and mobile. The SoloHealth Station is backed by technology that allows for flexibility to make changes remotely and quickly so the company can continue to expand the services offered to consumers and advertising partners.

The company says its bilingual kiosks provide free health screenings and recommendations for follow-up care, which in turn leads to prevention and lower health care costs. Company investors include Coinstar/Redbox, WellPoint and Dell.

Note: The included pic at top is either Mr. Photoshop at work, or people are apparently OK with getting their body mass index checked at an end-cap in a main aisle. Something tells me these units are a little less prominently located in real life, like this (below) …


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