Project Profile: iPads As Product Selectors In Lowe’s Canada

February 5, 2013 by Dave Haynes


There’s been lots of talk about using iPads in retail, but apart from the Apple store and some POS systems, I haven’t actually seen that much real-world usage as a low-cost and engaging merchandising solution. But here’s a small, interesting project running in Lowe’s stores up here among the polar bears and muskrat and 5% beer.

Wellesley, MA-based Kokley has developed an interactive, custom iPad display designed to help shoppers get to what they need in a giant retail environment with gazillions of SKUs.


In this case, it’s for light bulbs in 35 Lowe’s stores in Canada. But it could be for power tools or fertilizer or appliances.

The new retail solution is the combined offering of Kokley, which delivers, deploys and manages in-store iPad solutions, and its parent company Rose Displays, which has been in the retail signware space for 30 years. The idea is you have an app, built inline in the merchandising, that helps find what you want and where it is among dozens and dozens of options.

Kokley will be showing its product at DSE, booth 1050.

Small project, but interesting. It should be noted Stratacache says it has something like 14,000 players in Lowe’s US stores.

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