Preset DSE Mixer: Sponsor/Partner Profiles – rAVe, Flixio

February 28, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Sponsor: rAVe [Publications]

My content partner on this blog is also one of the sponsor partners for this year’s Preset Group DSE Mixer.

If you are on the AV-tech side of this business you probably know all about rAVe and its Type AAA founder-owner Gary Kayye. rAVe provides coverage of the commercial (ProAV) and residential (HomeAV) audiovisual trade industries, as well as digital signage, via e-newsletters, blogs, video, podcasts, social media, and just about every other way you can think of.

Gary’s editorial team targets AV dealers, integrators, consultants, and designers that sell, build, spec, design and install  audiovisual products. Much of the digital signage coverage comes from Sixteen:Nine, though rAVe also takes stuff from the two trade associations and guest contributions here and there. Kayye also rounds up my site sponsors – currently Chief and AMX.

You will see several rAVe people, Gary included, on the trade show floor shooting stand-up videos at all the booths. The videos are NOT art, but doa great job of letting companies do their elevator pitch on their key products and services. They literally shoot and post 100s of videos and I’ll be using some on this blog next week (or once back).

rAVe has developed a dedicated portal for the show.

Partners – Flixio

The guys at Flixio offered to do some content for this mixer, so we have them working on a piece that will run on a screen that people who’ve been to Fremont Street will know well.

The Portland-area company got into this sector in the last couple of years, and describes itself as a studio of artists, designers, editors and technicians dedicated to digital dignage content. They work across platforms, geographies, technologies and industries, and they have a booth on the trade show floor next week.

Looking forward to getting beyond phone calls and actually meeting the guys.

Thumbnail photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc

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