Early Details: Preset Industry Mixer

January 13, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Three emails in the past 12 hours is a good enough signal for me that I need to update news about The Preset Group’s 2012 Digital Signage Industry Mixer in Las Vegas.

First, yes, it’s on. The third edition of this event (4th if you count the 2009 edition in that weird flaming fire-pool and red velvet lounge) will be, as is tradition, on the eve of the Digital Signage Expo trade show floor opening up. So that would be Tuesday, March 6th.

Second, it will be bigger, and at a new venue (again). Tickets went in six hours last year, so we’re adding more slots and should be up past 300 people, at least. The Pub at the Monte Carlo was great in many respects, but the floor plan was very odd. I booked that long distance, sight unseen, which is an eternally interesting thing to try and risky as hell. This year I have an operative in Lost Wages, even as we speak, looking at venue options.

Third, we actually had some digital sign content on some screens last year, and used digital (via Ipads) to check people in. We hope to amp that up quite a bit more this year, given a gathering of people that thinks non-stop about this stuff might actually apply it.

Fourth, we’ll be looking for sponsors. That might be one uber-sponsor, or as in past years, several smaller ones. Sponsorship basically pays the bar tab, and we handle ALL the organizing crap, which is probably more than people might imagine. If you’ve done events, you know.

Once we have details on the venue all set, I will post something here and via DailyDOOH filling people in on registration/location/timing/secret handshakes and so on. That should be within a coupla weeks.

If you are interested in sponsoring, send me a note. If you have some cool technology that might integrate nicely into the evening, send me a note. If you want to help organizing or that night, send me a note. If you want me to reserve a ticket for you, don’t send me a note. I get lots and lots of those.

I’d welcome comments (use the comments tool) on start times. Some say earlier. Some say later. I think it was 6:30 last year.

photo credit: JF Sebastian via photopin cc

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