Wall To Wall DSF Webinars Next Week

January 12, 2012 by Dave Haynes

If webinars are your thing, then next week will get you all excited, as the Digital Signage Federation has arranged three consecutive days with them.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17th at 2pm EST, there is “Putting Digital Signage to Work For You, Part II.” Designed for professionals in all industries who are thinking of implementing a digital signage program, the event will be separated into five nine- minute sessions, with a Q&A sessioin at the end. Five leading industry experts – Jeremy Gavin of Screenfeed, Jonathan Brawn of Brawn Consulting, Patrick Quinn of PQ Media, Steve Gurley of Symon Communications, and Spencer Graham of WVU Information – will present how to:

• Discover new content sources for your network and best practices for implementation;

• Gain an understanding of video wall display types and their role within the larger context of digital signage;

• Discover emerging opportunities and challenges facing digital place-based networks;

• Understand the new mobile ecosystem and how to enhance the mobile experience through the convergence of digital signage;

• Gain insight into best practices for assembling an effective digital signage team.

Putting on my Mr. Crankypants gear, five frantic nine-minute micro-lessons – posed predominantly by vendors and consultants  – frankly strikes me as a thorough waste of time. As someone who has done hour-long sessions on single topics, and needed more time, how someone intros themselves and their company and then says anything useful in nine minutes escapes me.

But if you are game, this is where you sign up: Registration

The next day, again at 2 PM, it’s a look at the “State of the Digital Signage Industry: A Short Look Back and a Long Look Forward” –  presented by Steven Platt, Director and Research Fellow, and Margot Myers, Director of Education and Training, both of the Platt Retail Institute.

The hour-long webinar will examine PRI’s Northern American Digital Signage Index for 2011 Q4, which measures industry business and activity. Margot and Steven will also analyze key digital communicates trends for 2012, how to aggregate consumer data to build a singular customer view, and the components and benefits of digital marketing systems.


On Thursday, Jan. 19th at 11am EST, there’s a apparently nameless session run by William Kazman, the CEO of the deployment firm iTeam, on “logistics lessons learned from thousands of digital signage installations in locations as varied as corporate, retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance, transportation, entertainment and restaurants.”

This webcast examines:

• Different approaches to managing a digital signage rollout

• Risks that are commonly overlooked and how to manage them

• Site surveys and installation preparation

• Display placement, mounting options, and toolkit considerations

• Identifying hidden cost drivers before it’s too late



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