New content hub launched for Digital Out Of Home business

October 4, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The premise is pretty simple – create an online destination for people who just want to read about buying and selling digital out of home media, and not about much or any of the technical stuff that makes it tick.

And then get the writing done by people who have things to say, but don’t have a real home for their ideas.

That’s why I have created – a content hub designed for the people who buy and sell Digital OOH and Digital Place-based media. I hope to write very little and function almost entirely as an editor/gatekeeper.

The intention is to have this serve as a forum/soapbox for media planners and other agency people, creative people, researchers and all the other people on the buy side of the table. I know some of them read digital signage blogs, because I get emails from them. But my guess is many, many more don’t because they have to filter out a lot of technology and people stuff to find what interests them.

The site is also a home for people on the selling side, but there will be no chest-beating or inflated numbers promoting  networks. The aspiration is to help people on the buy side better understand the value and fit through thoughtful pieces.

It’s my job to round up the writers and ensure the quality stays high and the content never strays into advertorial.

Starting out, we have some very solid contributors from the OOH agency giant Posterscope and the sharp guys at Razorfish, as well as posts from the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, Adcentricity and RMG Networks. We also have other contributors promising posts – I’m looking at you Sean and Bob – that should be up soon.

If you have solid thoughts about this sector, but no real home to post them, this is your spot. I know there are lots of people who would love to have a blog to convey ideas, but also nowhere the time to water and feed a blog. With contributors get a focused audience eager for ideas.

If you want to contribute, please send me a note. I don’t pay for posts nor do I charge for them. Nor do I get anything from it, though you’ll see I have ad spots baked in.

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