JC Penney rolling out FindMore smart digital fixtures

February 7, 2011 by Dave Haynes

US department store JC Penney has announced a new smart fixture application is is rolling out to more than 100 stores.

At first glance FindMore seems uninspired — looking like a replication of the online e-comm offer, but in-store — but stick with the video embedded here and you will see there is a fair amount going on. It doesn’t do a lot of whiz-bang stuff – like virtual mannequins – but focuses instead on practical shopping tasks like tag scanning, look-ups of available inventory, suggestive selling and locator tools.

The video pretty much won me over. And it is terrific to see something like this actually on retail floors, instead of retail trade show floors.

Here’s the release:

In keeping with its commitment to giving customers the very best selection and shopping experience, J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP) has rolled out its findmore® smart fixture to over 120 select stores across the country. Additionally, in conjunction with the launch of its Modern Bride concept, the Company will begin rolling out a findmore experience using iPad to 50 fine jewelry departments.

These new initiatives are part of JCPenney’s overall findmore strategy which encourages store associates and customers — whether using the fixture, iPad, jcp.com enabled point-of-sale register or in-store marketing pieces — to “find more” by providing access to the expanded assortments and product information available on jcp.com. Having access to jcp.com in the store ensures that customers find what they are looking for when they visit a JCPenney store and also serves as an associate selling and education tool, allowing store associates to deliver exceptional customer service.

“We’ve always seen the value of integrating the online and in-store shopping experience offering customers the opportunity to have access to a greater merchandise selection by offering access to online purchases in the stores,” said Tom Nealon, group executive vice president of JCPenney. “Offering an in-store digital experience that drives additional sales is a true differentiator for JCPenney, and continues to build on our leadership in the digital space as we merge our online and in-store shopping experiences.”

Findmore Fixture Features:

With the findmore fixture, JCPenney is able to take its digital platform directly into the store. More than just a kiosk linking store users to jcp.com’s 250,000 online products, the 42-inch touchscreen findmore smart fixture provides a unique, interactive digital experience that naturally fits into the store. Serving as an anchor for the merchandise department, the fixture elevates the in-store shopping experience, allowing users to:

The utility here is solid in that department stores are big  and no longer teeming with staff. If this helps shoppers find what they need – without waiting  for staff who may or may not be helpful – that’s a good application.

The releases makes no mention of a vendor. Anyone know?

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