Christie announces managed services for digital signage

January 10, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Christie Digital has a pile of resources and experience in place from the work it does supporting its projection business, and the company has decided to “sweat those assets” a little more by introducing an end-to-end digital signage management offer aimed at retail.

The company has a presence at NRF this week in New York and has announced Christie’s Digital Signage Solutions, which includes design, deployment, post-installation remote management, monitoring and control of all digital displays.

A virtual “big brother,” Christie’s 24/7 managed services ensure that clients’ display systems continued to play and display consistently and reliably.

“Retailers know their messaging and want partners who can translate their visions into impactful displays that support in-store marketing strategies, increase dwell time and engage shoppers,” said Sean James, vice president, Managed Services, Christie. “We create exciting, in-store experiences that make customers stop, shop and play. And by offering specialty installations from design through deployment and into post-deployment monitoring and maintenance, Christie offers retailers the end-to-end solutions they need to stand apart in a competitive world.”

The offer is largely positioned around the MicroTiles product, which has the kind of color reproduction and flexibility that retailers want, plus a much longer lifespan than projection systems can offer because of short bulb lives.

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