Digital Signage Federation adds student chapter

May 17, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Like most people I thought the whole tomato fight between the Digital Screenmedia Association and the Digital Signage Federation would have been resolved after a few weeks. But it’s been almost three months and the two sides are still pushing out PR and trying to be the prettiest girl at the dance.

The DSA has tweaked its name (from signage to screenmedia) and been sending out steady notices about any and all new members, while the DSF has taken a somewhat different approach – working more on building credibility through establishing structure and building up resources.

The latest thing is the DSF establishing a student chapter and hooking up with Texas State Technical College, which has a digital signage technology program.

The Digital Signage Federation Student College Chapter will assist in uniting the needs of the digital signage student activities and the DSF to ensure a relevant and successful educational experience for TSTC students and a trained workforce for the DS industry.

Alan Brawn, Secretary/Treasurer of the Digital Signage Federation, whose professional expertise is in industry education said, “The DSF is committed to serving its members by advancing standards for education that will help provide a knowledgeable and employment-ready workforce.” Brawn added, “This is just the beginning. As a trade federation we are dedicated to education as the tool to increase awareness and knowledge for those just entering the industry all the way to those who are experienced and want to take their continuing education to the next level.”

Patricia “Trish” Lister-Golin, Program Specialist leading the DS Technology program at TSTC and Faculty Sponsor for the new DSF-SC said, “TSTC’s one-of-a-kind Digital Signage Technology degree program has opened the door to this relationship with the DSF and means greater opportunities for our students who wish to embark on a career in the DS industry.” Golin added, “We look forward to working with industry leaders to enhance our curriculum in ways that will give our graduates every advantage in the marketplace.”

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