The killer (as in screens) digital signage app

January 27, 2010 by Dave Haynes

An industry friend sent me a note about the TVBGone universal remote control, which allows users to turn off just about anyone’s TV. He joked it was a killer digital signage app, as in killing screens.

It reminded me about what the Gizmodo guys did at CES in 2008, wandering around and turning off displays at booths and presentations for kicks. I had never seen the video, which is very funny (except if you were one of the people pranked).

I mention this because this could easily be done to anyone at ISE, DSE or any of the other upcoming trade shows. There are controls, I believe, that disable the IR receiver on monitors. Or the low tech way is a strip of black electrical tape over the IR area. In my booth bunny days (now gloriously in my past) we’d do that, just in case. 

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