More snappies of the 300-plus screen ACC install

September 17, 2009 by Dave Haynes

(Disclosure: I have some business ties with DDC, but I’d be showing these anyway … cool stuff)

Jeff Wismer fought through the chaos of 80,000 or so people in a few square blocks of Toronto last night as U2 played the Rogers Centre and a couple of blocks over the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team had its first pre-season game. It was the first public showing of the new 300-plus screen system in place at the arena, and Wismer, whose company DDC was heavily involved in defining and guiding the project, took some snappies to show me what it all looked like with people around.

Very impressive.



It is still so rare when we see a deployment that actually has impact. There is a short list of reference sites I use when I speak with people about my industry. I always reference the simple but effective menu board screens at Tom Horton’s. And now I can reference this project, which has ALLCAPS IMPACT.

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