Massive 18-foot touch wall turned on at Hard Rock Vegas

September 9, 2009 by Dave Haynes 

The SF Bay-area interactive company Obscura Digital just turned on a project at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Lost Wages that should get a lot of attention because of its scale and applicability.

It is an 18 foot long multi-touch wall that lets as many as six users simultaneous interact with it. The post I saw in Gizmodo goes more into the technical details, but the video suggests it is all about finding a way to digitally display the wealth of rock and roll memorabilia the Hard Rock has collected over the decades.

Reports Gizmodo:

The new 18-foot long wall scales across GPUs seamlessly, and automatically splits the workspace for up to 6 users to flick through Hard Rock photo and video memorabilia, with image resolution upwards of 12 megapixels.

Complementing the video tech, an audio system creates a pinpointed local audio experience, so that each user can interact with content without interfering with others.

The wall is actually three rear projectors with edge blending and then something that picks up the gestures and allows the interactive piece. 

The Hard Rock has also installed a bynch of Microsoft Surface tables. Details here

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