New ad-based DOOH network operator lands deal with BP

August 17, 2009 by Dave Haynes


Word came out this morning about a little known company bagging a big deal to roll out a screen network across the US gas station estate of BP.

BP has chosen Retail Media Company LLC, a digital signage business based in Los Angeles, as its  digital signage provider at the pump and in the c-store. 

BP selected Retail Media out of a field of competitors during a process that began this July (editor: they meant July 2008). 

Retail Media will build a network of screens above the pumps in about a thousand BP and ARCO branded gas stations across the U.S. The network will feature weather and traffic updates, commercials and original content. 

“Our mission is to affect consumer behavior. To do that we have to be engaging,” said Adam Bleibtreu, CEO of Retail Media. “Retail Media Company is committed to creating a unique, enjoyable and exclusive experience for BP and ARCO customers.”

BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items.  

The release was not particularly meaty so I reached out to Bleibtreu.

He confirmed this is an ad network going in under his company’s nickel, with BP effectively awarding his company access rights. Rollout will start in Q1 of next year, the numbers undetermined as yet, but “it will be substantial.”

The company will be installing 22″ screens on the pump-top and 32s or larger inside the stores.

Bleibtreu’s company was just founded last year and is not really out there at all with a network, though they are involved on the splashy media side of a new shopping complex opening this fall in LA. However, the CEO knows his way around the challenges of running a pump-top ad network, having co-founded Gas Station TV. He also has a pretty deep media resume, so he will be substantially less dreamy-eyed and much more pragmatic about actually making an ad network profitable. 

I’d imagine that deep, direct experience had a big role in BP going with RMC, as a lot of the guys chasing these ad-driven deals still think there’s a big, overfilled pot of gold waiting for them. Maybe there is, but it’s quite a journey getting to it.

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