DSE set-up day

February 25, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Just back in the room, and only for a few minutes, having spent the afternoon wandering around bothering people as they did their Digital Signage Expo exhibit hall set-up.


I did not attend the conferences (I can get press/blogger privileges to way bigger, less focused events, but not one for my industry … go figure), but I heard while the numbers were down at the conferences there was some good stuff to hear – particularly Gerba on content.


The trade show bit is in a different hall this time, and I at least think it is bigger than last year, and there are lots of new vendors. The software guys are all there and not that many have scaled back their presence from past years, though some clearly and probably wisely have sent fewer people and less stuff.


There are a lot of display enclosure guys, a lot of video over Cat 5 guys, and a bunch of 3D screens. Lotsa gaze tracking stuff, as well.


As noted before, it is encouraging to see more content creation and pre-made content guys showing up.


No real time to write things up now, but will later. Off to meet some DOPES. 

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