LevelVision hires Abitron to study store traffic on network

September 9, 2008 by Dave Haynes

LevelVision (client of my masters) has joined the short but growing list of screen network companies stepping up and getting real research done on what’s happening in their installed venues.

MediaPost story today details how LevelVision, which has those four panel LCDs in special floor thingdoodles, has engaged Arbitron to get a sense of the audience.

Arbitron has signed up another client for its growing out-of-home video measurement business. Arbitron Custom Research will study store traffic and consumer engagement for a network of digital displays operated by LevelVision, which had installed the screens in over 300 college bookstores nationwide. 

LevelVision hopes the Arbitron study will show a high level of engagement by its College Bookstore Network, given its target audience of young adults.

Like other place-based video networks, LevelVision has been expanding its reach substantially with new venue deals. It is also joining the general move to provide advertisers with more data documenting the reach and influence of the medium. The Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau is scheduled to release the details of a new metric for the medium sometime in the next few months. 

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