Advice on the communications approach

December 19, 2007 by Dave Haynes

UK agency Altogether Digital has, like many people, put together predictions and advice  for 2008 as it relates to marketing.

None of it is specific to what we do, but there are some good insights in there that are worth passing along because of the thinking that could also, easily, be applied to digital screen content.

Surprising and Relevant Communications – related to the above, perhaps how to increase engagement. Examples below:

* Consider Proximity: go where your customers are (and not the TV set…) or give people a reason to come to you!
* Increase Exclusivity: customers are bombarded everyday by hundreds of thousands of messages. Get your customers where they’re not expecting it; so long as you do so appropriately, and deliver beyond expectation.
* Invisibility: tough one this, but brands could consider increased humility when communicating themselves. In an ad cynical world there’s a case for brands being invisible. Help improve the lives of your customers then they’ll be grateful for your brand’s involvement. Add the brand only at a level that the customer would be comfortable with and watch the engagement levels rise.
* Unpredictability is crucial too. Catching the consumer off guard can be dangerous, but if you really understand your audience and can spot opportunities it’ll be worth it. Indeed, consumers are not in categories (as much as we like to put them into them – ABC1 or 14-17 year olds) so why should our brands?

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