And now for some over-torqued nonsense …

November 16, 2007 by Dave Haynes

What is it in people that makes them turn press releases into giant exclamation marks?

ZipCast Changes the Face of Advertising

Digital advertising network powerhouse, ZipCast, signs ground breaking partnership with Dynasign as their exclusive technology provider.

What makes this deal so remarkable is ZipCast, powered by Dynasign, breaks all the rules of traditional media. We are no longer tied to conventional media placement.

Now, thanks to this advanced technology, targeted advertising messages can reach customers where they work, where they live and where they play, said Guillermo Amtmann, ZipCast CEO.

OK, so what we really have here is an ad sign network operator announcing they’ve chosen a software partner. How this is groundbreaking or remarkable pretty much escapes me.

The guys who insist on this sort of wild-eyed chest-beating make us all look a little like clowns, at a time when advertisers and investors are starting to take us seriously. Calm it down, fellers. It’s OK to just say we chose a company because we like the product and service and it will help grow the business and make clients happy.

To be fair to the Dynasign guys, it’s ZipCast doing the torque job here.

  1. fhb418 says:


    wow a new media, new technology, never seen before, gonna change the world, internet is dead 😉

    have a great weekend David !

  2. Jed Green says:

    The reality distortion generators are set to stun

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