Wanna buy a digital signage franchise???

February 15, 2007 by Dave Haynes

From the odd bedfellows file comes word of a Rochester, NY-based firm with roots in digital printing hooking up with a Tampa, FL firm that specializes in franchising to sell digital signage to retailers in Orlando.

ROCHESTER, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — February 15, 2007 — ImageXpres Corporation  announced today that the Company has signed a joint venture agreement with The Franchise Edge (TFE), a Tampa, Florida-based franchise development and marketing company, to distribute, market, and support ImageXpres’ LitePix Digital Signage Systems in the Orlando and South Florida retail and hospitality market. The business agreement provides for the formation of an advertising media marketing company, 1080i Media, LLC that will spearhead the marketing and sales efforts in the Orlando test market. Initial sales and market trials are to commence March 1, 2007, and will expand throughout the year in the high-density tourist and entertainment geographic region.  

“We are excited about our business venture with The Franchise Edge,” states ImageXpres President John S. Zankowski. “The prospects for our LitePix Digital ADTV signage systems are tremendous, especially when coupled with the experience in advertising media, and franchise business modeling that TFE brings to the business venture. ImageXpres will supply the Digital Display hardware, remote management software/ technology infrastructure, and creative design content creation. TFE will provide expertise in advertising media placement, and verification of the franchise business model in conjunction with TFE’s marketing and sales activities in the target markets.”

The Franchise Edge’s client roster includes “Mandlers, the Original Sausage Company” and “FloorGuard – Garage Interiors Beyond the Ordinary”, so they are clearly well-positioned to sell media and technology solutions.

I must confess the franchising thing just never occurred to me. I’m such a doofus.

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