Wrap-Around LED Board The Size Of Four B-Ball Courts Lights Up In Seoul

This is a massive wrap-around digital OOH LED display in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu business district – which has a total surface area of more than 1,600 sq. meters, or roughly the size of four basketball courts. It is 81 by 20 meters.

It is the biggest curved display in Korea, and presumably one of the biggest in the country, period.

The sign just lit after a seven-month build and install phase on the outer wall of something called COEX SM Town. The project was led by Samsung Electronics’ Building Solution Group, though it is not clear from a Display Daily story if the tech used is Samsung-owned PrismView aka Yesco. The surface has about 31,000 10mm LED display modules.

See This Suburban Seoul Mall’s Vast Investment In Indoor LED And Content

This is a new shopping mall in South Korea, in the suburbs of megacity Seoul.

There is a massive digital display experience in the centre court area that includes a very tall LED monolith and curvy LED ribbons lining the mezzanine overlook.

I can’t find much about the digital piece that’s in English, other than the content coming from Montreal’s Moment Factory. I THINK that content is re-purposed or shared or part of a master content plan by  Shinsegae Property, which owns the mall, a huge department store chain and a bunch of other things. On Linkedin, the suggestion is the LED tech is from Absen.

The displays also run paid media.

The other impressive thing in here is an electronics store that has a vast fine pitch LED facade. In the video that starts at about 5:12.

The Starfield Goyang in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, spans 365,000 square meters and has a built-in theme park. It was built in partnership with the U.S. property developer Taubman.

Projects: OLEDs On Walls And Ceiling In Seoul Skyscraper Elevator

The elevator that takes visitors to the observatory level of the Lotte World Tower skyscraper in Seoul is lined floor to ceiling, AND ceiling, with OLED displays that for the minute-long ride up immerse people in scenes of the Korean mega-city.

The building is 555 meters (123 stories) tall, making it the the world’s fifth tallest building. Seoul Sky with the world’s highest glass-floored sky deck observatory. Getting up there is done via the Sky Shuttle, the world’s fastest double-deck elevator, which is lined with those LG screens.

Photo: Designboom

The video also shows LG screens being used for wayfinding, as digital posters and as a video wall ribbon. It’s a little odd that the LCDs on the wall aren’t very well calibrated, but that’s the integrator, not the screens.

Impressive install in an impressive building.

This is what the ride looks like inside …


Projects: Massive Video Wall Lines Moving Sidewalk In Seoul Rail Station

This is a massive LCD video wall – maybe 16 wide by 3 high – in a corridor of a high speed rail station in Seoul, as spotted in LinkedIn from Sungwon Kim. No other details. The scale is impressive.