Video: “In NY, We Go Up” Creative At Footlocker Flagship

This is a nice, sync’d set of animations done by motion graphic designer Steven D’Arbenzio, who works in the NY/NJ area.

“I was given the awesome opportunity to create an animated mural for Footlocker’s flagship store in Times Square, NYC,” says D’Arbenzio. “The ask was to create artwork that spoke to the strength, resilience, and culture of New Yorkers. As a New Yorker myself, I could not pass up this job. I will let it speak for itself! “IN NY WE GO UP.”

The displays are in an extra-high activation area of the store.


Aisle-Topper LED Ribbons For Hershey In Big Box Retailing

Not a huge fan of shelf-level LED strips because the resolution isn’t there for close viewing, and the little LED light chips will get the crap beat out of them, but I do like the big aisle-topper ribbon display implementation at a big-box store somewhere, by the LA-area company AWM Smart Shelf.

To be fair, the company does say the shelf-edge strips are ruggedized. Which is pretty much essential.

The aisle-long display is for Hershey products. The content looks very much like the sort of thing you’d see on the LED ribbons of a sports arena or the sideline ones you see in football (soccer).

The company is not just a display provider. It’s solution set includes proximity sensing for triggered content, video pattern detection and AI-based on-the-shelf inventory level monitoring and planogram compliance.

This install is in the Dallas area, I am told by AWM.


Tech Mash-Up Blasts Interactive Fan Pix On Lux Hong Kong Hotel Facade

Here’s a cool video showing how projection mapping, holograms, virtual and real light painting were mashed up for an interactive experience piece that was part of the Lumieres HK festival in Hong Kong.

The LUX Experience gave visitors to Lumieres Hong Kong the chance to make light art and have it blasted on to a huge public canvas.

Put together by Christie 360 (the Montreal-based agency formerly known as Arsenal Media), the program saw guests step inside a LUX Booth, and striking a pose.

“Then,” says a Linkedin post from Christie 360’s Antoine Saint Maur, they can get creative with their self-portrait and with the help of light painters, using real and virtual light brushes, surround themselves with colourful glowing strokes. Once their personal artwork is complete, it’s shown on the booth’s outer display, and guests receive a GIF to share on social media and take away from the experience as a souvenir.

The artworks will be projected onto the iconic façade of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, lighting up the Hong Kong night as part of the Lumieres Festival’s magic.