Projects: OLEDs On Walls And Ceiling In Seoul Skyscraper Elevator

The elevator that takes visitors to the observatory level of the Lotte World Tower skyscraper in Seoul is lined floor to ceiling, AND ceiling, with OLED displays that for the minute-long ride up immerse people in scenes of the Korean mega-city.

The building is 555 meters (123 stories) tall, making it the the world’s fifth tallest building. Seoul Sky with the world’s highest glass-floored sky deck observatory. Getting up there is done via the Sky Shuttle, the world’s fastest double-deck elevator, which is lined with those LG screens.

Photo: Designboom

The video also shows LG screens being used for wayfinding, as digital posters and as a video wall ribbon. It’s a little odd that the LCDs on the wall aren’t very well calibrated, but that’s the integrator, not the screens.

Impressive install in an impressive building.

This is what the ride looks like inside …


Projects: Check Out This Nice 2 By 5 Elevator Lobby Video Wall at Westgate Las Vegas

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, what you may know as the old Las Vegas Hilton right next to the convention center, has put some serious money into sprucing the place up, including the digital displays.

There are more than 150 digital signage displays on the property, including custom LED screens, 4K video walls, HD displays, and projections. The resort has been working with Orlando, FL-based solutions provider DCBolt Productions on a revamp of the set-up and content.

The network includes promo and wayfinding displays in a variety of configurations, custom LED walls and a pair 2×5 video walls (with more to come) located in the elevator waiting lobbies.

That’s the very nice video running above. I like that some of the content pieces respect and play with the teeny but evident seams between the LCDs. You can try to hide them, or you can make them part of the design.

The network runs now on UK-based CMS Signagelive, something DCBolt says in a case study saved about $10,000 in annual software costs from whatever was in there previously. “We’ve worked with a wide range of digital signage platforms in the past,” says Devin Wambolt, “and Signagelive is now our preferred CMS thanks to its versatility, intuitive interface and robust features.”