Shanghai Mall Marketed With Multi-Sensory Digital Campaign In City’s Subway System

This a multi-sensory pop-up media campaign in the Shanghai subway system, marketing a shopping mall called The MIXC.

Put together by JCDecaux, the set-up is a house-like display that blends back-lit graphics with windows that look into flat panel displays, and scent marketing tech.

Says Decaux:

Through the first window, people could see a screen displaying the vision of ocean, hear the sound of sea wave and smell the air with salty taste of sea water. Through the second window, people could see a sea of tulip and smell a fragrance of tulip. Through the third one, people could see the woods, smell the grass and hear the birds. This brand new experience allowed passengers to escape from the daily routine of their city life.

Highway Billboard Color-Matches Paint Swatches To Surrounding Sky’s Color

This a couple of years old, but just stumbled on it. The Quebec DIY store Reno Depot did a Digital OOH campaign in Feb. 2015 in Quebec that used a sensor to match conditions and color to house-brand paint swatches available at the store.

Very clever.

Here’s Who’s All Behind Coca-Cola’s Giant New Robotic LED Board In NYC

More information is dribbling out about that giant robotic 3D LED board Coca-Cola switched on last week in Times Square.

The vendor list is long, and the one most familiar to the digital signage community is Convergent, which is listed as doing Technology Design and Implementation, Content Management and Monitoring Services. If I was expressly in the LED board business several of these others would likely be familiar.

The beverage giant says, in a company story: The 68-ft. by 42-.ft. sign required sophisticated engineering and rigorous testing for all weather conditions. Every high-resolution LED cube is programmed to independently extend and retract, extending out into the crowd and bringing the company’s portfolio of beverages to life in a way the team hopes will inspire thirsty onlookers to crave an ice-cold Coca-Cola. 

The video here is a Coke-produced piece that shows the robotic LED blocks doing their thing.

A friend sent me a separate video that shows the big LED beast has some issues more apparent at night – with LED blocks here and there not quite in sync. That’s going to happen with something this big, and there’s no way to soft-launch something like this. You turn it on, and tweak, tweak, tweak.