Digital Billboards Boost Awareness, But Also Consideration, Intent And Foot Traffic: Vistar Media

May 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Billboards have long been a tool – whether print or digital – to drive awareness for advertisers, but new research done by Vistar Media …

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Screenverse, Apparatix Partner To Boost Revenues For Independent Billboard Media Companies

March 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A couple of digital out of home companies have done an interesting tie-up aimed at helping smaller, independent digital billboard operators better monetize their …

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Big Indie UK OOH Media Firm Wildstone Changes Hands; New Backers Supporting Expansion

August 3, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A French private equity firm has acquired the outdoor media firm Wildstone, picking up a portfolio of more than 3,000 billboards in in the …

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How Etulipa Sees Future Billboards Being E-Paper-Based And Solar-Powered

August 3, 2022 by Dave Haynes

E-paper displays are, by far, best known for the little e-readers people use instead of printed books. The core technology used for those readers …

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Impairing Astronomers’ Work Cited As Argument Against Digital Billboards In Silicon Valley

March 23, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The bright lights of digital billboards have always generated some public opposition, particularly if a big roadside display’s visuals spill at night into the …

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Digital Billboards In Ukraine Being Used To Dissuade, Insult Russian Invaders

February 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip To Nurlan at Digital Signage Pulse for noting this … Digital billboards in many western countries have lit up in the past …

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Big London Roadside Display Softens Visual Impact With Living Green Wall On Rear

January 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I doubt this sort of thing would fully remove the concerns and objections of organizations and individuals who don’t like the proliferation in cities …

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Out Of Home Media Revenues Clobbered During Stay-At-Home Lockdowns: OAAA Data

September 2, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Data released recently by the Out Of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reveals just how badly the out of home ad sector was …

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Ford Patents Method To Scan DOOH Billboards, Push Versions Of Ads To Dashboard Screens

May 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Auto manufacturer Ford has patented a method and apparatus for using AI-driven pattern detection to read digital billboards on highways, using the on-board sensors …

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US Supreme Court Denies Appeal By Anti-Billboard Non-Profit

October 16, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A four-year legal fight over digital billboards that went all the way to the US Supreme Court ended today, with that country’s highest court …

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Digital billboard energy costs dropping substantially: report

July 12, 2011 by Dave Haynes

We have long heard how the costs of big LED billboards have dropped substantially over the past 10 years, and how that is driving …

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