Take A Video Stroll Through LG’s Amazing OLED Canyon At CES

Here’s a video and some good pix showing the LG OLED canyon that leads into the company’s mega-booth at CES this week.

The OLED Canyon has 90 concave and 156 convex open frame screens. Visitors walk through a 28m long twisting canyon trail and experience images produced by a total of two billion self-emissive OLED pixels. The video experience, featuring natural wonders such as forest, glacier, waterfall, blizzard and others, also has immersive Dolby Atmos audio.

Hope they do something like this at ISE …


Amazing: Dubai Mall Turns On World’s Largest OLED Video Wall

The massive Dubai Mall in guess where has just turned on a new OLED video wall that breaks a bunch of records for sheer scale.

It is 50 meters wide by 14 meters tall, fronting the aquarium attraction in the mall. The digital canvas is 1.7 billion pixels. The OLEDs are LG’s, and there are 820 of then – with some of the displays using the flexible properties of the product. Thinking these are many, many 55 inchers.

If you are into Guinness World Records, this wall sets the marks for:

  • Largest High Definition Video Wall
  • Highest Resolution Video Wall
  • Largest OLED Screen

There is also a 6mm transparent LED ribbon from ClearLED that runs along the glass at the base of the aquarium tank visible to shoppers. The OLED wall is above that tank.