Worst digital signage demo … ever

May 24, 2010 by Dave Haynes

So I saw a Tweet about a company I knew, and it led me to a copy/paste “news” portal that had an excerpt, which …

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Adcentricity's creative guide required digital signage reading

May 20, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I downloaded Adcentricity’s new creative guide almost a week ago, but I only had a chance this morning to poke my way around it. …

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What HTML5 could do in interactive digital signage

May 19, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Some of the content/magazine demos I have seen for the iPad have been very cool, but I have always been a little bothered by …

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Ah, the French … a choir of disco-singing Big-Mouth Billy Bass fish on street billboard

May 14, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Ok, not digital. But interactive. And weird as only the French can be weird, as a choir of fish sing Shake Your Booty at …

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Financial Times: Big retail now investing heavily in digital

May 11, 2010 by Dave Haynes

There’s an interesting piece today in the UK Financial Times about big American retailers coming to grips with the huge changes being brought on …

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Inwindow turning people into Na'vi at LA mall

April 22, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Inwindow Outdoor continues to do some of the most interesting work in this sector, and they have carved out a nice niche doing interactive …

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SUV windows as ad screens: Rear Window Media expands to Houston

April 20, 2010 by Dave Haynes

When I was still selling software for a living, one of the companies that came on my radar was a Minneapolis start-up that wanted …

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Nanonation demos iPad app for retail and digital signage

April 20, 2010 by Dave Haynes

This is my first stab at using my little Flip video thingdoodle – kindly supplied by some friends at Cisco – to show some …

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Co-op marketing dollars fund casino digital wayfinding project

April 8, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I knocked out a release yesterday for an integration/consulting company in Las Vegas called Core Technology, run by some guys I know. I try not …

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Pit-bull lawyers about to be released on DSE (kidding)

March 4, 2010 by Dave Haynes

My crack legal team is working furiously on an image rights case after the flagrant, unauthorized use of my image by DSE at the …

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Walkabout in LV

March 2, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I had hoped to have some time to just wander around and have a look at some stuff in Las Vegas last week, but …

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More DSE 2010 Impressions

February 26, 2010 by Dave Haynes

So the theory was that because I was not going to be chained to a booth, I for once could really have a good …

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