Liquid Crystal Supplier Confirms Large-Format LCDs Are A Sunset Technology

June 20, 2023 by Dave Haynes

One of the key suppliers of liquid crystal technology for flat panel display makers has pretty much confirmed what we all sort of know …

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InfoComm Day One Impressions: LED Everywhere, WTF Is MLED, And TCL Is Coming

June 15, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Sitting back in my hotel room quite impressed with myself for doing the wise thing, for a change, by getting the hell out of …

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MicroLED Lab Gets 2.8M Nits Brightness Out Of R&D Display Unit

June 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

When the digital signage world thinks about brightness levels in displays, we tend to look at measures like 3,500 nits as being super-bright, but …

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Nanolumens: InfoComm Digital Signage Mixer Sponsor Profile

June 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm is next week in Orlando, and one of the key events for the digital signage side of North American pro AV is a …

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BOE Shows 110-inch 16K MicroLED Monitor At Display Week

May 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Image via Twitter – credit Vincent_Teoh The Society for Information Display’s annual display nerd fest – called Display Week – is on this week …

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Apple Spinning Up Its Own Micro LED Display Production In Taiwan: Report

May 23, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Apple is getting directly involved in the development and manufacturing of micro LED displays, but the tech giant’s focus will be on small screens, …

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Pitches For Outdoor LED Displays Getting Fine Enough To Rival High-Bright LCD Units

May 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The high brightness outdoor LCD business has been at least a little insulated from the rise of LED displays because the pixel pitch for …

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Canadian Start-Up VueReal Demos Tech That Prints MicroLED Displays As Fine As 30,000 Lights Per Inch

March 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

When you start to get into the technical weeds on emerging display technology, you learn all kinds of mind-wobbling things – like R&D work …

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More Than Half Of EU Orders For Samsung’s Super-Premium LED The Wall Are For Corporate Environments

March 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

More than half of Samsung’s orders for its premium fine pitch LED display, The Wall, are going into corporate environments. That’s one of the …

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LG Launches Training Academy Aimed At Boosting Awareness, Expertise For Direct View LED

March 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

One of the reasons many LED manufacturers market fixed-size all-in-one LED displays is that their partner ecosystems include a lot of companies and people …

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16 Sq. Meter MicroLED Wall Greets Shoppers At Belgian Mall

March 6, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I’ve not seen or read a lot of PR about actual deployments of super-premium microLED products like Samsung’s The Wall, but there are indeed …

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MIT-Guided Researchers Stacking MicroLEDs To Pack More Pixels Into Small Displays

March 2, 2023 by Dave Haynes

MicroLED and even miniLED area already pretty much at a level of development maturity that viewers can be inches from a screen and not …

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