Video: Watch How Dutch Start-Up’s Smart Glass Doubles Up To Produce Dynamic Visuals

July 8, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The Dutch start-up VideowindoW is going at the idea of turning windows into displays in a very different way from other manufacturers who have screens that attach LED arrays to glass or even embed the LEDs between laminated layers of glass.

VideowindoW is instead mostly about a smart version of glare control, for big swaths of glass in venues like airport departure concourses. The glass is tinted, but fully controlled and dynamic, so it can do things like grow the branches and leaves of a tree on the glass to create shade as a day grows brighter.

It can also do things like show geometric patterns or clouds of letters that generate song lyrics for karaoke (like the Kate Bush song in the video below).

This is definitely not conventional digital signage, but an interesting complementary technology that can show base information or provide entertainment on an unexpected canvas. So it doubles up the function of controlling the glare from natural sunlight, while also the energy costs of cooling sun-bathed areas.

Here’s a video from this Linkedin post …

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    Very nice ideas for education come to mind (I assume it’s easy to use…)

  2. Daniel Hargett says:

    I suspect this could be more useful than it first appears. If you can “open up” different “zones” of the window where it may not affect the occupants much (Think a large window in front of a c-store) you could run text ads inside that area. Kind of like how C-Stores will put vinyl at the top of their windows that say “Tobacco Beer Snacks” except you could run it like a ticker or other text based ads.

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