Hat Tips For Achievements Away From Industry Jobs: Folks From Dise, LED Studio

July 3, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Tips of the hat here for efforts and achievements by a couple of industry folks who have very challenging outside interests.

First, Emilia Kjellberg is a software developer at the retail-focused Swedish CMS firm Dise, and she is also now that country’s national champion for the long jump.

I’m not sure if that puts her in Paris for the Olympics (in athletics, I think competing athletes have to meet certain standards for things like distance and time), but whatever the case, that’s a big achievement for any athlete, full-time or in this case while also having a demanding day-job.

Well done!

And then Ross Noonan of the UK firm LED Studio, which manufacturers and markets guess what.

This past weekend, he and three others did a tough fundraising hike up two peaks in England’s lovey Lake District. With severe weather warnings out, the four did more than  100,000 steps, 44 km distance and 2,900m of elevation through dense fog, rain and wind all weekend!

Noonan was doing his bit in a company-wide charity challenge. Ross has guest-posted here and also been part of a recent podcast with colleague Larry Zoll.

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