Boosted In-Store Digital Experiences Key To Future Retailing: Survey

July 3, 2024 by Dave Haynes

First spotted in AV Interactive

London-based it services and consulting firm Aura – through its retail experiences brand Aura Futures – as published results of a survey that suggest many retail decision-makers see richer, digitally-driven in-store experiences as a means to counteract declining foot traffic counts.

The survey, run in April 2024, involved 301 retail managers and c-suite executives.

Roughly half of the respondents said despite lowered consumer spending and fewer walk-in customers, they planned to open new store locations during the next two years. More than two-thirds believe better consumer experiences are a key.

From the summary:

According to those surveyed, 58% of their retail sales are still conducted in-store, but declining footfall remains a significant problem. The research, which took in the views of 300 retail managers and C-level executives, showed that 66% of businesses view attracting Millennials and Gen Z consumers into stores with immersive, physical experiences as the best way to counter declining footfall, with areas of investment falling into five main categories:

Three in 10 of the retailers polled have already implemented experiential solutions using AI, which they hope will not only increase in-store footfall, but appeal to new demographics – something that is viewed as a challenge by 12%. 

As well as using brand experiences to attract new customers, many retailers are using it to increase brand loyalty, something that 91% of survey respondents agreed bricks-and-mortar stores were vital for. This would explain why they are investing in increasing their number of physical stores by more than a quarter (28%) in the next two years.  

‘The recent retail survey from Aura further confirms our mindset about the need for digital experience in stores,” says Stephen Todd, Aura’s Operating Board Director. Many of the retailers in the survey have confirmed they wish to increase in-store footfall and desire to appeal to new demographics. We have proven in the past how interactive, engaging and meaningful digital experiences can assist with this.”

Aura says you can get results of the full survey report – if you’re happy to provide your name, company and email – at:

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