Big Projection-Mapped Space Helps Tell Tiffany & Co. Story At Tokyo Exhibit

June 25, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Here is a vey nice example of indoor projection mapping done this spring in Tokyo to showcase the product and story of Tiffany & Co. at a special exhibit.

The jewelry house developed and ran Tiffany Wonder, a special immersive experience at the Tokyo Node Gallery on the 45th floor of an office tower.

The multimedia exhibition showcased more than 500 physical pieces of fine jewelry and historic stained glass, and one of the signature features of the exhibit was a big projection mapped space done by the French creative technology shop Superbien.

From a Linkedin post by the company:

With a history as long and rich as Tiffany & Co.’s, it might have been a challenge to decide what moments, designs and aspects of the jeweler’s output to spotlight, especially in a 5 minute piece. But using fluid storytelling and composing a tableau of distinct tropes and themes, the Superteam was able to foster not only greater brand awareness but a strong sense of drama and playfulness.

Through ten distinct chapters, ranging from the underwater creations of Jean Schlumberger swimming over the ocean floor, to the iconic Bird on a Rock flitting through a Japanese landscape, rendered as if in stained glass, the theme of transformation and Tiffany’s own mailability across decades played out organically. The motifs of nature, scale, brilliance and exploration are strung together throughout the experience like points in the persistent constellation of Tiffany & Co.’s most enduring values – craftsmanship and unbounded imagination.

Superbien wanted to underscore the inventiveness and ingenuity that Tiffany & Co. has embodied since 1837 and to conjure up viewers’ own imaginations in turn. In order to stoke that sense of connection and emotional response, the Superteam needed to maximize the architectural possibilities inside the immersive environment.

In a quarter-sphere with nearly 50 foot ceilings and one wall of shaded windows, the motion, production and creative teams had to work together closely to marry the content with the technical and problem solve elegantly. Over many exacting storyboards and exceedingly careful mapping and calibrating of the room’s fractal surfaces, Tiffany Wonder came to dazzling life.


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