Digital Signage Business Climate Index Survey Needs Greater US/Canada Input To Be Meaningful

June 24, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Digital signage is a relatively small industry, which explains why credible research specific to this industry is hard to come by. So when work is done by people who actually know the business (and that doesn’t include research factories in India), it’s important that companies in the ecosystem get involved.

My friends at the German consulting and publication firm invidis do what they have coined a Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) that assesses and starts to measure the state of things, quarter by quarter. The team is well-known and regarded in Europe, and the result is that the quarterly survey is completed by hundreds of industry leaders. But there are not enough responses coming in from the US and Canada to generate meaningful indicators of what’s happening in that very busy region.

The invidis DBCI is based on leading indices such as ifo/ZEW and is now being expanded by invidis to become a fully compatible PMI index (Purchase Manager Index). By collecting the data quarterly, we avoid the monthly fluctuations that are common in project business. The index is collected and evaluated independently and in compliance with data protection regulations by invidis.

So … C-level people, please have a quick chat with colleagues and agree on someone taking less than five minutes to do the survey. Less than five minutes! And you are not being asked to lay out your financials and share secrets.

The Q2 2024 survey is now running and only takes 3 minutes to complete:

Your participation has immense value for the digital signage industry. The results will be available for free on and, AND they will get re-purposed in Sixteen:Nine.

Here’s an example of what gets analyzed and summarized … 

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