Zoom-Zoom: InfoComm Videos Demo Curved Touch LEDs And Infinite Zoom Software

June 21, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a few videos from InfoComm last week that demo a curved, touched LED video wall, and interactive software that continues to genuinely blow my mind.

This first one is a real world demo of curved yet multi-touch capable fine pitch display that is a collaboration between Planar and TSI Touch. For context, touch on LCD is common on flat surfaces using different technologies like P-Cap and IR, but LED is tougher, especially with a curve involved.

This is the infinite zoom software that Toronto-based Content Interface developed more than 10 years ago. Founder and CEO Hao Le was at the digital signage mixer last week in Vegas and showed me and some other folks how this can now take a photo of someone using a smartphone and turn it very quickly into the experience in the video below.

I bump into Hao at trade shows and get updates on where things are at with his product and company, Most of his business is in Japan, and it has made me a little crazy through the years that he’s seen very little trade in North America. This stuff in the right scenario like experience centers and showrooms would generate a lot of Oh Wows, and unlike most of the Wow Factor stuff I see, this doesn’t (I think) have a really short shelf life.

I have told him he needs to make someone other than himself the lead salesman. It’s hard to grow a company when you also run it. He did have a sales guy years ago, but, sorry, he had the look and charm of a funeral director. The Planar and TSI ties help, as both companies have deeply experienced, hyper-connected sales and biz dev people.

This is a post that goes into the background of this, from a year ago, post InfoComm.

Le has also now developed a gesture controlled version. I like real touch, but there are certainly visual advantages to being able to seeing a screen from a distance, and also being able to make LED walls interactive, even though they would not support touch because of the manufacturing process used. There is a learning curve for gesture, but open and pinch are pretty intuitive.

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